Westwold College

About Us

Westwold College was founded in 2004 by Komati Foundation Women Development in order to provide skills training and development for young women who have an interest in the catering and hospitality sector.

We aim to instill passion for the hospitality industry in the young women of South Africa and to provide our students with the technical and personal skills to excel in and love whatever they do. Our emphasis for strong, interpersonal and communication skills provides the students with the ability to control their destiny.

Westwold's education of the whole person and combination of work and study is central to its programmes and its success.

As per the founding philosophy, inspired by the teachings of Saint Josemaría, the founder of Opus Dei, Westwold sees hospitality and events as channels for improving society.

Treating students as unique individuals and meeting their needs is a distinctive characteristic of all the College's initiatives. The preparation which Westwold offers, along with professional and technical training, includes formation to engage in cultural, social and ethical issues present in contemporary society.

By being part of the Westwold community, our students automatically have access to other activities and programmes sponsored by Komati Foundation Women Development, including: club activities, social outreach opportunities and personal development seminars.

Our Values

  • INTEGRITY: know who you want to be, and do your best to express it in every aspect of your life
  • SERVICE: making others happy is the way to be happy yourself
  • STUDY: the desire to learn and grow is what keeps us young
  • TEAMWORK: the strengths of one can overcome the weaknesses of the other
  • WORK: if your goals are great, they are worth the effort